Saavri makes a place in Karan’s heart in Swabhimaan


Samuhik bhoj is organized in Chauhan family. The entire family sits to dine together. This is also one of the rasam of Karan and Naina’s marriage. Nandkishore does drama again. He asks Sharda if she is thinking this is good way to welcome groom’s family. He checks the dishes and taunts on Sharda on learning the right way to value and welcome groom’s family. Dada ji asks Nandkishore why does he want to get welcome, there is no one smaller or bigger in relations. He says you try to understand the importance of relation, these rasams are to express happiness, good values are seen when the family stays happily and united.

Nandkishore says its fine if you are talking about values, you regard it important than respect. He taunts that Karan and Naina are marrying for the second time, and still I don’t get respect from Naina’s family. He welcomes the guests. Dada ji manages the situation. Karan sits with Saavri and asks her to dine with him. Naina gets annoyed with Karan. Karan tells everyone that anyone can sit with him, there is no problem, she is his friend, what’s wrong. He asks Naina not to feel bad and sit with Meghna. Meghna gets angry on Saavri, realizing her plans. Meghna and Kunal observe Saavri getting close to Karan. Will Meghna and Kunal help out Naina? Keep reading.




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