Advay breaks the weak link ‘Shakun’ in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Advay fulfills the rasam with Chandni. They have challenged each other. The game is going on. He tells her that he will not let her marry Pratham. Chandni tells him that she can do anything for her parents, she will do the rasam with Pratham. Advay is much smart. He gets a chance and makes Pratham unconscious. Chandni has to keep the diya lighting on. The family tells Chandni that rasam will be abshagun if Pratham does not do the rasam. Advay lifts Chandni and takes her. She gets surprised with Advay’s step. She is falling in love with Advay and does not know what name to tag her love. She just loves Dev since childhood. Advay’s love is playing a game with her heart. They both have loneliness, still have hopes in heart.

Chandni wanted to take revenge from him and dropped the nails on the way to see if Advay can keep his words and fulfill the rasam. Advay courageously walks on the nails for Chandni’s sake. He does not care of the pain. He bears the wounds and keeps walking ahead. He drops Chandni to the temple, along with the diya. After Advay makes her complete the ritual, Chandni cries seeing his bleeding feet. She could not bear the sight. Chandni wants to hate Advay, but her heart wants to love him. Then happens a family drama. The family plays a video of Chandni’s childhood. Advay plays Shakun and Ranjit’s affair video in front of everyone. Kajal and Indrani get a huge shock seeing the video. Kajal confronts Shakun and Ranjit for backstabbing her. Indrani slaps Shakun for falling so low. Advay succeeds in breaking Shakun from Indrani and Kajal.


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