Shivika’s angst, confusion and ego soar up in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz Shivay lines up surprises for Anika

Anika and Shivay get emotional and recall the moment when they got engaged before. With many past romantic moments flashing in mind, Anika sheds tears and gets away from Shivay. They have much confusion in mind. They are soul mates, even then their tashan is not letting them unite. Both don’t want to mend their decisions. They both don’t confess love. Shivay has made her wear the ring and proved that Anika will always be in his life. Anika too believes this, but wants him to speak it out. Anika tries best to make him confess that he has become her fiance again. Shivay denies everything to make her speak up.

Anika is not able to forget him. She sadly cries. Shivay is happy that he has swapped the ring and made Anika wear the ring. The past baggage makes them burdened. Shivay gets peace on holding her hand. He doesn’t want to leave her hand. Anika gets away from him with a heavy heart. Bhavya gets close to find about Vikram’s background. Bhavya wants to find out Vikram’s truth so that they can stop Anika and Vikram’s marriage. Rudra says I know how to unite Shivay and Anika. He comes up with an idea. Bhavya does not understand his plan and asks him to explain well. Rudra does filmi drama.



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