Advay gets pulled back by past link in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3

iss pyaar

Advay’s past will be known. There will be new entry in the show. His grandmum will be seen sharing her sorrow with Advay. Advay and his Nani shed tears recalling the bitter past. He expresses his pain and emotions. She asks him to forget his revenge with Vashisht family. She wants him to come home with him. Advay tells her that he can’t leave everything midway, as he has sworn to get justice for his parents’ death. She says I know you came here to take revenge and burn everyone, but you don’t know fire has to burn itself to burn others, I don’t want you to burn in this revenge fire.

Advay asks Nani to give him some time, he is close to take revenge with Chandni, he can’t forget what Vashisht family did, Chandni has cheated him, he can never forgive her, as Chandni was always his love. He got cheated in love. Advay breaks Chandni and Pratham’s alliance. Nani gets worried for Chandni, Meghna and Shikha’s future. She tells Advay that he can just see his future, but not Chandni’s life getting ruined. She asks him to think of Meghna and Shikha, who will marry them, how can he ruin innocent girls’ lives. Advay does not leave his revengeful intentions.



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