Huge revelation to shock Bhanushali family in Dil Se Dil Tak


Parth and Teni get into an argument. Parth says I feel guilty of your every fear, I get scared that I can hurt you by something unexpected. He holds himself responsible for Teni’s pain. He explains Teni that they can never unite, they are different, their relation is unique, but there can’t be any relation as she wants. He tells Teni that her expectations from him hurts her. Parth misunderstands Teni and throws her gift. Parth gets angry on her. He tells her that he is careful that he should not do anything that gives hope to her love. Teni cries and tells Parth that she did not expect anything from him, she did not show love, but she gifted him just as a friend. Parth realizes his mistake.

Teni’s pregnancy drama opens up in front of Bhanushali family. There is a shocking twist. Teni’s past comes out in front of Dada ji. Aunty insults Teni. She tells everyone that Aman is not the father of Teni’s child, she is characterless, she has an affair with someone else. She asks Dadi to slap her if she is wrong, Teni is really bad and she has proof for this. She says Teni acts like Shorvori’s sister, but she is actually a bar dancer, this man used to see her perform at the bar.

Parth can’t tolerate her insult and stops the aunt. He speaks up in front of family to defend Teni’s respect. He tells everyone that Teni’s baby is not any sin, its my child in her womb. Dada ji slaps Parth, asking if he is in senses. Dada ji says Teni is Aman’s fiance, how can you tell such an ugly thing. Dada ji refuses to accept Teni’s child. Parth and Shorvori take a stand for Teni. They will reveal the surrogacy truth to the family.


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