Ananya creates a ruckus over Bharadwaj’s poverty in Sasural Simar Ka


Ananya refuses to keep the Teej fast. She argues with Mata ji and Simar. She is fed up by Bharadwaj family’s poor financial state. Simar asks Ananya to keep the fast for Aarav. Ananya tells them that there is nothing to keep the fast, there is not even ghee to light diya, how can they do the puja without any necessary things. Pari comes there with fruits, jewelry and clothes. She gets the shagun for Ananya and shows her richness to Mata ji. Mata ji tells Pari that this is not necessary for them.

Pari asks Mata ji not to bother her and let her do her duty towards her bahu. Simar and Mataji tell Pari about their devotion, which is true and rich even in their poverty. Mata ji asks Pari how dare she taunt bitter things at them, being their family. She tells Pari that her conscience is black, the family who always supported her, she has come to insult them today. Pari insults Mata ji and Simar. She does not listen to them. She gives the shagun to Ananya. She says this is a gift from my side for my bahu. Ananya takes the shagun. Simar gets angry and pulls Ananya back. She makes the shagun fall down. She gets frustrated as she can’t give shagun to Roshni. Simar has to come out from this problem soon. Ananya does not keep the fast and goes against Simar.



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