Naira calls off Kirti’s Shuddikaran puja in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Kartik and Naira talk to Dadi. Dadi tells them about Baisa taking Kirti for a puja and how they agreed to Baisa to get the marriage ahead. Naira learns about Kirti’s Shuddikaran puja organized by Baisa. Naira asks Dadi how can she allow Baisa to do this. Naira and Kartik leave for the temple. Baisa cheated Naksh and called him to the temple. Kirti gets a shock knowing about Shuddikaran puja and agrees to Baisa. Kirti feels bad and cries. Baisa lied to Naksh and Kirti, and started the puja by falling in Rukmani’s words.

Kartik and Naira stop Baisa. Kartik says if you are so against the relation, you ask the family to cancel this alliance, we will not have any objection, but don’t do all this to insult Kirti. Naira throws all the pots and gets angry. She asks Baisa what was she doing, who said Kirti is impure, who will decide who is pure and who is impure, how can anyone get pure by doing this puja, purity is of thoughts and heart, Kirti is very pure. Naksh also supports Kirti.

Naira scolds Baisa for her bad mindset. Naira shows her angry side. Kirti thanks Naira for taking her side. Naira apologizes to Kirti for Baisa’s mistake. Naira takes Baisa and Rukmani’s class. Naira asks Baisa not to interfere in Naksh and Kirti’s life now. Baisa stays annoyed with Kirti. Naira says Baisa has no rights to hurt Kirti, and she has crossed all limits today. Naksh says none has right to insult Kirti by her past. He tells Kirti that he did not know about this puja, he thoughts its any regular puja and agreed to Baisa, but Baisa insulted their family by doing this. He apologizes to Kirti and Kartik, and feels ashamed.


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