Shivay and Anika compete to marry in Ishqbaaz


Anika was getting engaged to Vikram. Vikram holds Anika’s hand and sees her wearing Shivay’s ring. Anika and Shivay look at each other. Gauri tries to remove the old ring from Anika’s finger. She tells Anika that Shivay’s name ring is just made for her and none can remove it. Ragini gets angry. Bhavya makes a plan to faint Vikram and spikes the drink. Ragini takes the drink instead and faints. The power gets cut in nick of time when Anika and Vikram exchange rings. Shivay pulls Anika to himself. Shivay and Anika get a moment. Shivay with ease makes her wear the engagement ring in darkness. Anika wants Shivay to accept her once again in front of the world. All the couples perform in the sangeet function. Shivay and Anika get a chance to dance together. Anika cries, while Shivay wipes her tears. Still, they don’t confess love. They get angry on each other’s silence.

Shivay makes Anika jealous. He proposes Ragini in front of Anika. He asks will you marry me. Ragini gets a shock and says yes I will marry you. Shivay says we will marry this weekend. Anika sees them and tells Vikram that they will marry in four days. Shivay tells Ragini that they will marry within two days. Ragini agrees to marry him whenever he says. Shivay and Anika make marriage a joke. Vikram and Ragini get stunned by their responses. Shivay and Anika walk off showing tashan to each other. Shivay sees Anika’s ring and gets sad thinking of her. The memories of Anika weaken him. He sheds tears missing Anika. Ragini comes to Shivay and asks him to start planning their wedding. She gets too excited to marry Shivay.


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