A baby to add up mystery in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


A money lender comes to meet Indrani. He asks her to clear the loans. Chandni requests the man to give them some time. The man hurts Chandni. Indrani protects Chandni and acts helpless in front of her. Chandni then gets convinced to marry Pratham. Advay is very focussd. He wants to get married to Chandni. He wants revenge by torturing her after marriage. He is motive driven and knows what he wants from Vashisht family. Advay does not know Chandni’s truth till now.

Advay sees Chandni loving a baby and gets a shock. He thinks the baby is a part of Chandni’s past. None knows about the baby. Chandni loves the baby a lot. She hides from everyone and goes out of the house. Advay thinks how did the baby come in picture out of sudden. Chandni’s relationship with baby is like a mother. She sends the baby with Daima and sheds tears waving bye to the baby. Advay wonders why is the separation with the baby making Chandni cry so much. The secret of the baby will come out soon.


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