Kashmira and Sanju’s divorce twist in May I Come In Madam

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Kashmira argues with Sanju, as he has stopped fighting with her. Sanju’s calm and composed behavior angers her. She thinks to give him divorce. She asks Sanju if he is having an affair with someone. She demands for divorce. Sanju gets angry in her and starts scolding her like usual. Kashmira gets glad seeing him normal like before. She apologizes to him and tears divorce papers. He asks her why did she make divorce papers.

He says he did not do any mistake that she always blames him. She says you did not fight with me since many days, that’s why I was doubting on you. He calls her a big fool to believe anyone than her husband. He asks her to leave from his house and not show her face again. She asks him what is he doing. He says I m expressing love the way you want, your theory means if I fight with you, I love you. He confesses that he loves Sanjana. She thinks he is saying this in anger. Sanju cooks up a story to hide his confession. Sanju feels bad as Sanjana never pays attention to him.






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