Chandar to wreck Simran’s life in Waaris

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Mohini and Nihaal fail to stop Amba’s plans of getting Simran married. Mannu stops Amba by exposing the wrong alliance chosen by Jagan. Amba does not want any bad guy to marry Simran. Raj and Mannu save Simran from going into a wrong family. Mannu realizes Sakshi truly loves Raj. After Raj makes the contract asking Mannu to leave him once Simran gets fine, it gets clear for her that Raj will never accept her. She thinks to get Sakshi closer to Raj.

In this attempt, Mannu/Preet misbehaves with Amrit and breaks her heart, so that Sakshi takes her place. On the other hand, Mohini and Nihaal decide to find some guy for Simran who would obey them after marrying Simran. Nihaal tells Mohini that only this way they can save the game. Mohini thinks of Chandar, who would be in their control and also limit Simran. Chandar will be coming back in Simran’s life.

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