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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3: Chandni feels bad when she parts with the baby, who is actually Meghna’s son. She does not want Indrani to get ashamed by Meghna’s mistake. She tells Mama ji that Meghna does not know her son is alive. Chandni wanted to save Meghna, Indrani and baby’s life and lied to the world. She tells Mama ji that her one lie saved everyone. Advay confronts Chandni about the lady. Chandni lies to him. Advay gets too disappointed with her.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman and Ishita get close to find the culprit. Ashok gets revengeful and harms Shagun. He gives her intoxicating pill to make her unconscious. He plans to marry her against her wish. He thinks of fooling Bhallas some how. Raman and Ishita find the watchman’s wife. The lady tells them that she has put the evidence in dahi handi. She describes the handi. Raman and Ishita try to find the handi. The man tells them about the handi fixed up for the dahi handi competition. Bhallas doesn’t know Ashok knows their plan. Raman asks the organizers to get the dahi handi down. The man refuses to get the handi down before someone breaks it. They all wait for the people to come and break the handi. Ashok lays a trap and sends away everyone from the house.


Aman tries to kill Neil. He proceeds to hit him brutally. Avni reaches there and spots Neil. Aman leaves Neil and starts showing concern. Gurumaa promises Dayavanti that Avni will suffer badly, just the way she wants. They get the news of Neil’s injury. Neil’s family get a huge shock seeing the news. Bebe gives strength to the family. She asks them to have hope, nothing happened to Neil. Avni and Neela worry checking Neil’s slow pulse. Avni prays for Neil’s life. Aman informs Dayavanti that Avni is with Neil, but he will not leave Neil alone. Neela gets doubtful about Aman.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Dadi feels bad that she had to become part of Baisa’s plan even when she is also against it. She feels sorry for Kirti. Lav and Kush call up Rajshri to get yummy food. Baisa lies to Devyaani and Rajshri about the puja. Devyaani says we will also come and be part of puja. Baisa and Rukmani ask them not to come. Kartik gets annoyed with Naira for making him feel unlucky by ignoring him. Naira gets worried for Kirti and suspects Dadi to be hiding something. Kartik tells her that whenever her smile vanishes, his heart beat stops. He wants Naira to just keep smiling atleast for his sake. She feels she got a husband, who is totally out of the world. Naira and Kirti tease each other.


Gauri gets the bhaang laddoos for Shivay and Anika to bring them closer and make them sort their issues. Pinky likes the laddoos and feeds the laddoos to everyone else. They all fall asleep by the laddoos. Ragini argues with Vikram and asks him to focus on their plan to separate Shivay and Anika. Vikram takes her madness light and goes. Gauri feels her plan has worked. Omkara reaches her to help. They have a moment. Gauri tells Omkara to talk to Shivay. She tells her plan. Omkara and Gauri see the footage and realize Shivay and Anika did not eat the bhaang laddoos. Anika and Shivay cancel the marriage, and call people to cancel all the orders. Gauri and Omkara hear them and get mistaken that the marriage is still on. They feel Anika is preponing Sangeet. Gauri makes a plan to stop marriage.


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