Kirti turns upset with Dadi in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Yeh Rishta Kirti final departure line up more shockers

Kirti meets Baisa at the temple. Kirti and Naksh sit in the puja, unaware of the motives. Baisa and Rukmani try sending Naksh. Naksh prefers to stay back with Kirti. Baisa asks him not to worry, and sends him home. Baisa does the Shuddikaran puja rituals with Kirti, which leaves her shocked. Naira understands Baisa is doing something wrong. She realizes Dadi knew about the puja and still permitted Baisa unwillingly. Dadi asks Naira not to stop Baisa. Naira asks Dadi not to support anything wrong.

Baisa asks Kirti to think of Naksh and their future, as Naksh is marrying her by ignoring her past. Kirti turns upset knowing about Shuddikaran puja. Baisa tells her that Dadi has permitted them to do the puja. Kirti messages Naksh about the puja. Naksh gets a shock knowing Baisa’s plan. Kartik and Naira decide to get Kirti home and oppose the puja. Dadi fears Kirti’s alliance can break.

Kirti refuses for the puja. Baisa tries emotionally blackmailing her. Kirti sits for the puja for Naksh’s sake. Naira, Naksh and Kartik reach the temple and stop the rituals, saving Kirti’s self esteem. Naira gets angry on Baisa. Naira explains them how a person’s purity is seen by heart, not any past. Kartik and Naira reprimand Baisa for her mentality. Naksh apologizes to Kirti. He sends her home. Everyone gets to know about Baisa’s doings. They get ashamed that Baisa has thought so for Kirti. Manish and Suwarna feel sympathetic for Kirti. Kirti gets miffed with Dadi’s decision to send her for puja.


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