A shattering moment for Kashi in Peshwa Bajirao


There is a new storm in Kashi’s life. Kashi’s tears are not stopping by the deep sorrow. She is much annoyed with Baji. She has learnt about Baji and Mastani’s marriage. She gets shattered and cries out her pain. Radhabai is also in shock knowing about Baji’s step to break Kashi’s heart. Kashi loves Baji a lot and regards him her Lord and world. She can’t tolerate anyone else in Baji’s life.

Its too tough for her to handle this. She asks Baji why did he do this, what’s her mistake that he has cheated her. Baji stands silent and bows down his head, feeling guilty. Kashi tells him that she will tell his deceive to everyone that their Peshwa is a big fraud. She threatens him. Baji stops Kashi and explains her how he was helpless and took this step to marry Mastani. He doesn’t know this will affect his family badly. There is much emotional drama. Mastani fights with the Moghals, who tries to kill Baji by cheat. Mastani bravely saves Baji’s life.


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