Dipika gets exit from Piyush’s family in Dhhai Kilo Prem


Dipika comes home and is confronted by her inlaws. She has gone against everyone and got Meghna and Rahul married. Everyone scolds her. Dipika is trying to convince everyone, but they all yell on her. Bua ji asks Dipika not to teach them a lesson. Dipika says I m just asking you to understand children, if you suffocate children by your orders and wishes, then they will rebel some day, I have done what I felt right, I understood their perception. Piyush also shouts on Dipika. He asks who is she to get Meghna and Rahul married. Dipika says I m the bahu of this house and went there as they needed me, they love each other, true love never fails, you all got me married to Piyush knowing Piyush doesn’t love me, as you all have seen my true love.

She gets emotional and tells them that she has gone to give the shagun bangles and chunri to Meghna which they all made for Meghna. She tells them about Meghna’s happiness. Dipika faces their anger. Dipika tells them that she has done Meghna’s kanyadaan and she didn’t do anything wrong. Piyush’s dad says Meghna was our daughter and we had a decision to decide. Dipika says I will pray that you all understand why I did this, I have done this for the family’s good. Piyush’s dad asks Dipika to leave from the house. Dipika takes their blessings. Dipika packs her bag and leaves from there.



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