IPKKND 3: Twists in Advay-Chandni’s Sangeet


Advay forcibly tries to conduct the marriage against her will. Chandni asks Pratham and Shikha to go out of the house via storeroom window and call police to stop Advay. Advay blocks Indrani from planning anything. He asks her to prepare for the rasams. Indrani asks Chandni to get ready for haldi, as Advay should be fooled till Pratham calls police. Pratham and Shikha manage to leave and call police. Meghna asks Chandni not to worry, Pratham will surely come.

Advay begins the haldi rasam with Chandni. He compliments the family members. Chandni throws the haldi angrily and tells Advay that just her destined life partner will be doing rasams with her. Advay gets angry. Chandni misses Dev. Advay comes to forcibly conduct the haldi ritual with Chandni. Advay completes the haldi ritual with Chandni. Chandni asks Advay to wait for her answer. Pratham gets police home and asks inspector to arrest Advay. The family gets a shock on finding Advay and inspector’s friendship. Advay introduces his best friend to everyone. Advay asks Indrani to prepare for sangeet and mehendi function. Indrani doesn’t want to lose so soon. Even Chandni doesn’t want to lose in front of Advay’s madness. Indrani asks Chandni to play along and fool Advay to give him a shock by their planning. Chandni agrees to do as Indrani tells her. Advay and Chandni’s rocking Sangeet will be seen. Indrani plans to attack on Advay and send Chandni away with Pratham.


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