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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita and Raman try to get the evidence hidden in Dahi handi. Taneja’s hired killer shoots Ishita and also grabs the evidence. Ruhi manages to get the evidence back from the killer by taking Nikhil’s help. Nikhil and Ruhi get the evidence to police station. They learn that Taneja is Mani’s murderer. On the other hand, Raman and Bala take lift from Taneja to take Ishita to the hospital. Taneja fools Raman and attacks Bala, so that he could run away. Taneja kidnaps Ishita, leaving Raman in shock.


Kirti and Kartik get upset with Dadi’s decision to support Baisa. Kartik asks Dadi to change her thinking. When entire family leaves Dadi alone, Naira supports Dadi. Singhanias confront Baisa for doing Shuddikaran puja of Kirti. Everyone scolds her for using her rights to be eldest member in the family. They get upset that Baisa insulted Kirti, who they have decided to make their bahu. They all vent out anger and frustration on Baisa. Naksh tells Baisa that he can never forgive Baisa. He asks Baisa and Rukmani to be out of his marriage functions. Baisa gets too hurt by his decision and leaves from the house. Kirti asks Naksh not to blame himself, as she has no complains from him. Naksh asks her not to punish herself.


Ragini gets excited by Shivay’s proposal. Shivay apologizes to her for faking a proposal and involving her in his personal life. He tells her that he was just angering Anika. She gets upset with him. She controls her mad anger. Shivay asks her to do a favor and act as her fiancee in front of Anika. Ragini acts cool and tells him that she will surely help him. Shivay thanks her. Everyone gets worried seeing the mehendi function kept for two couples. They find Shivay mad to extend the drama than ending it. Gauri is sure that Shivay and Anika will realize their love and marry. Omkara asks Shivay to end the drama. Shivay tells him about the ring. Omkara asks him to trust Anika and realize they are incomplete without each other. He asks Shivay not to push Anika away, else they can never unite.


Advay forcibly tries to conduct the marriage against her will. Chandni asks Pratham and Shikha to go out of the house via storeroom window and call police to stop Advay. Advay blocks Indrani from planning anything. He asks her to prepare for the rasams. Indrani asks Chandni to get ready for haldi, as Advay should be fooled till Pratham calls police. Pratham and Shikha manage to leave and call police. Meghna asks Chandni not to worry, Pratham will surely come.


Neela and DD doubt on Riya for everything and confront Aman. Aman puts all the blame on Riya. Neela asks him not to meet Riya. Everyone meets Neil. Neil is upset with his family and wants to support Avni. Prakash explains him to balance life, he can love Avni, but also respect his family. He realizes Raghu Pandit is behind the blast. Avni takes a disguise and meets Neil. Neil gets scared and doubtful seeing her disguise. He then sees Avni and thanks her for saving him.


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