Parth and Teni take a new avatar in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni does a new drama. Teni and Parth get a new avatar. Teni tells Kaki that Kaki is much caring as a mother and gave them money when she couldn’t see them in trouble. Shorvori and Teni made this plan to fool Kaki. Teni realizes Mohini Kaki won’t get right by any other way. She turns mischievous and tricks Kaki by flattering. Kaki says you have identified me right, I have kept the money secretly as I couldn’t see you all in problem. Teni acts sweet to Kaki. Shorvori sees if the plan is going on well.

Parth gets dressed in South Indian avatar, along with Teni. Parth tries to stop the house lender from vacating the place. He acts like don and shows his power. Parth gets a knife and threatens the man. Parth’s moustache comes up. Teni romances with Parth in the drama and fixes his moustache well. Dada ji decides to leave his house on Teni’s taunts. Dada ji finds a flat for himself. Parth wants to arrange things for Dada ji and took the disguise. Teni and Parth cancel the deal to get Dada ji back home.


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