Saanjh searches for Arjun in Beyhadh


Maya is in a bad state in jail. She has troubled everyone a lot till now. She can’t get escaped from the prison this time. A lady Jailer tells Maya that her entire life will be passed in the prison now, and it will depend on her how much good it will be. Maya begs to jailer to let her go washroom. Jailer doesn’t listen to her. Jailer imposes many restrictions on Maya. Jailer hands over a pot to Maya, asking her to do everything in her cell. Maya gets angry. Jailer makes fun of her and laughs. Maya didn’t feel much miserable in her life ever. She didn’t imagine she would face such bad time. Jailer doesn’t want to give any chance to Maya to run away. Maya determines to take revenge from Arjun and Saanjh, who have put her in this state.

Meanwhile, Arjun proposes Saanjh for marriage. Saanjh doesn’t give an answer to him. Arjun gets kidnapped. She thinks he has gone away in anger. Saanjh looks for Arjun everywhere. She is helpless and cries. She asks some people on the road and also the police constables. None helps her. Saanjh gets worried for Arjun. Will Saanjh find Arjun and rescue him? Keep reading.



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