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Beyhadh: Arjun proposes Saanjh for marriage. Saanjh doesn’t give an answer to him. Arjun gets kidnapped. She thinks he has gone away in anger. Saanjh looks for Arjun everywhere. She is helpless and cries. She asks some people on the road and also the police constables. None helps her. Saanjh gets worried for Arjun.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Meghna and Rahul get married in the temple. They have eloped from home and brought tension in the families. Dipika has got the couple married. She does Dipika’s kanyadaan and ghatbandhan, by doing two duties. She is happy that the lovers got united. She has gone against the family. She blesses and hugs them. She gives Rahul’s responsibility to Meghna. There is big drama going on in Piyush’s house because of Meghna and Rahul. The family will get annoyed with Dipika again. Piyush and the family think if Dipika has gone in the marriage. Piyush’s dad also worries. They all think Dipika has gone for Rahul’s sake. Piyush confirms that Dipika has gone in the marriage when dad asked everyone not to go in Meghna’s marriage. Dipika thought Meghna will be disappointed.

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Kusum Sundari gets free from jail because of Vardaan. She comes back home. Kalki takes Devanshi to the temple forcibly. She asks her to pray and believe in Maiyya. Kusum Sundari comes there in the temple in a tensed state and shouts bomb. Devanshi does the darshan. She sees Kusum Sundari shouting madly. Vardaan and Pavan try to know the matter.

Dil Se Dil Tak:

Teni’s pregnancy news broke out to everyone. Dada ji makes Parth, Shorvori and Teni leave the house. Their state is bad as they never expected this would happen. Teni says where will we go leaving the house, I have the heir of Bhanushali family, I will not give him birth staying in this Dharamshali, you decided you won’t see the face of the baby, Parth has made this big business, you all are enjoying in this big house because of Parth, better Dada ji should leave from here.

Meri Durga:
Durga is trained by Rajveer. She has to prove her courage by walking on the hot burning coal. Rajveer is testing her will. He is trying hard and making the training tough by making new challenges. Durga is strong headed and showing her passion to complete her training.





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