Advay marries Chandni against all odds in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Advay proposes to Chandni. She is reluctant. Advay and Chandni will be getting married soon. Advay manages to marry her by threatening her about Meghna and her baby’s secret. Advay tells her that he will expose Meghna’s secret in front of everyone. Chandni agrees to marry him only for family’s sake.

Indrani injures Advay and sends Pratham and Chandni to the mandap. They all run away from the house. Advay follows them. Pratham and Chandni go ahead for marriage. Indrani wants to get money from Pratham by selling Chandni to him. Advay comes there in an injured state and takes Chandni with him. Indrani blocks his way. Kajal slaps Advay and asks him to leave Chandni. Pratham’s guards try to stop Advay. Advay fights with the guards and gets more injured. Chandni worries for him, but doesn’t want him to make her oppose her family. Advay lifts Chandni and takes her to the mandap. He forcibly takes the wedding rounds with her, making vows of hatred and revenge. Chandni loves Dev and wanted to marry him. It was her dream to marry Dev. She didn’t know she will face such a day that she will be forced to marry someone. She has many questions arising in heart. She doesn’t know Advay is Dev. Advay has plans to take revenge from Chandni post marriage.


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