New entry to break Neil-Avni’s bond in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Neil and Avni make their own sweet home. They start living separately from family. Neil wants Avni to get the respect she deserves. He hates the fact that Avni got insulted in his house again and again. Neil and Avni end the distance between them. Neil used to keep pillows between them to maintain distance. Neil removes the pillows and gives the sign to Avni that he loves her, there is no hatred between them now. Neil and Avni treat each other like a husband and wife. He does not want Avni to suffer because of his family.

Neil and Avni have some cute moments. He feels matured and responsible towards Avni. Neil’s girlfriend Juhi will be coming back in his life. Neil felt she was dead and was in her memories. Neil has moved on with Avni, and forgotten Juhi. Ali has been against Neil and Avni’s relation till now. Juhi will be adding the twists in Neil and Avni’s love story now. Juhi will be coming between them and try to separate them.


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