Rahul and Meghna get an upsetting welcome in Dhhai Kilo Prem


Rukmani gets angry when Rahul and Meghna come home after marriage. Meghna knows her Grah pravesh won’t go smooth. Rukmani welcomes her bahu with red chilli. Rahul gets angry with Rukmani. Rukmani argues with everyone. Rahul threatens of sending Rukmani to jail. Rukmani curses Meghna. Rukmani says my son has angered me, my heart is burning, even Dipika will make you all cry. Dipika’s mum asks Rukmani not to drag Dipika in this matter.

Dipika comes home and tells her parents that her inlaws have made her leave. Her mum worries for her future and asks her to apologize to inlaws. She says you can’t leave Sasural this way. Dipika’s dad supports her ad says Dipika always did a bahu’s duty, she did everything in their tough time, now when Meghna married by her wish, they are blaming Dipika, they don’t deserve a bahu, can’t Dipika attend her brother’s marriage, how could they forget all her good deeds. Dipika refuses to go back to inlaws. Dipika’s dad supports her.


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