Shivay exposes Ragini’s lies in Ishqbaaz


Anika apologizes to Vikram for the things spoiled because of her. He asks her not to feel sorry. He tells her that he really wants to marry her. Anika gets puzzled by his words. Vikram tells her that he was just kidding. She returns his ring to her. He asks her to keep the ring. She says we are not engaged and I just love Shivay. Anika finds his behavior strange.

Shivay asks Anika to tell him to stop everything. Anika doesn’t say anything. They both decide to let things happen as it is. They try outdoing each each other by jealousy. Gauri is sure that Shivay will stop the rasam. Dadi feels Shivay is really ruining her hopes. Shivay compliments Ragini and takes her for mehendi rasam. Shivay plans a surprise for Ragini. He writes S on her hand. Ragini gets too happy. Anika feels sad seeing Shivay applying mehendi to Ragini. Shivay stuns everyone by calling Siddharth, who is Ragini’s supposed fiance. Pinky and Ragini get in tension.

Shivay tells Pinky about Ragini’s lies, how she has fooled them till now. He tells Ragini that Anika always told about Ragini’s plan, but he always believed Ragini to be victim, but Anika was really right. He tells how he called Bhavya and learnt Ragini’s truth. Siddharth tells everyone about Ragini’s obsession for married men, she breaks marriage and is totally crazy. He calls Ragini a psycho. Ragini tells Shivay that she has changed for him, she really loves him. Ragini proposes Shivay. Even Pinky doesn’t support her after knowing her truth. Vikram too sides away. Shivay sends away Ragini from their lives. Pinky gets into an argument with Anika in the mehendi function. Pinky apologizes to Vikram and complains about Anika. Shivay can’t hear anything against Anika.


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