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Naamkarann: Neil and Avni make their own sweet home. They start living separately from family. Neil wants Avni to get the respect she deserves. He hates the fact that Avni got insulted in his house again and again. Neil and Avni end the distance between them. Neil used to keep pillows between them to maintain distance. Neil removes the pillows and gives the sign to Avni that he loves her, there is no hatred between them now. Neil and Avni treat each other like a husband and wife. He does not want Avni to suffer because of his family.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Naira is confused about her pregnancy. When she shares her worry with Kartik, he reacts silly. He doesn’t understand anything. A man gets medicines to deliver. Naira thinks the family will know about her pregnancy. Dadi and everyone ask who has ordered the medicines. Kartik checks the medicines and understands Naira has ordered it. Kartik covers up and takes the parcel, saying I have ordered medicines for myself.


Chakor and Suraj spend some moments of romance. Imli got mistaken that Chakor has told Vivaan about her miscarriage. She is angry as Vivaan and she got separated because of Chakor. She pledges to take revenge from Chakor. She plans to punish Chakor and break her from Suraj. Imli turns psycho and believes whatever is seen. Thee doctor too lies to Imli about Chakor. Imli feels Chakor is jealous of her. Imli hurts Vivaan. Vivaan asks her to stop the madness, this won’t help her. Imli wants to show her hatred and revenge.


Jailer drags Maya and slaps her, on finding her escaping from the jail. Maya was trying to run from an ventilator window. Jailer tortures her for her crime. Jailer asks Maya not to act smart, there is no way she can escape from jail. Maya sheds tears. Jailer makes Maya wash the prisoner’s clothes. Maya shows attitude. Jailer asks constable to get lemon water for madam.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:

Advay proposes to Chandni. She is reluctant. Advay and Chandni will be getting married soon. Advay manages to marry her by threatening her about Meghna and her baby’s secret. Advay tells her that he will expose Meghna’s secret in front of everyone. Chandni agrees to marry him only for family’s sake.


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