Indrani fails to stop Advay’s motives in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Indrani and Pratham’s goons beat up Advay. Advay fights with them. He then gives up while seeing Chandni. Chandni gets worried seeing Advay’s injuries. Pratham takes Chandni to the mandap and starts the marriage rituals. Chandni cries seeing Advay’s state. Indrani controls Chandni. Advay expects Chandni to call him. Indrani gives Chandni’s hand to Pratham. Advay gets beaten to pulp. Chandni recalls of Advay’s passion for her.

Advay gets strength by his hatred and revenge motives. He fights back with the goons. Advay gets ready to cross any limits to fulfill his revenge. Advay driven by his craze, reaches Chandni. He yells on her for leaving the mandap. Chandni refuses to marry him. Indrani tries to stop Advay. Pratham turns angry with them and calls more goons to stop Advay. Indrani and Pratham’s mum get into an argument. Advay asks Chandni to agree for the marriage and blackmails her. Chandni gives her nod for marriage. Advay has blackmailed her about Indrani’s life and respect. Chandni agrees to marry Advay to hide baby’s secret. Advay asks Indrani to move off the way if she has no objection. Pratham drags to marry Chandni. Advay beats up Pratham, and rescues Chandni from him. Advay and Chandni get married.


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