Avni to reach Gurumaa’s secret in Naamkarann


Avni thinks about Shweta’s apology and request. Neil recalls how Shweta got distanced from him. Neil has his old bitter memories in heart, when his love Juhi left him. Shweta has supported Neil a lot and helped him move on in life. Neil was in shock of Juhi’s death. Ali calls up Avni and asks her to meet. Avni meets Ali and thanks him for always being her good friend. Avni doesn’t believe Riya. She apologizes to Ali.

She does not ask him to clarify anything. Ali thanks her for understanding. Avni asks him to help her in getting a Ganesh idol, as she plans to do puja with Neil’s family. Avni comes across Meher at the shop. Meher doesn’t have money to buy the idol. Avni helps her. Avni sees a man trying to kidnap Meher. Avni and Ali save her from Gurumaa’s man. Neil sees Avni with Ali and asks DD not to call Avni. The man gets Meher to the police station to meet Gurumaa. Neil meets Riya and scolds her for spoiling Avni’s life. He warns her against doing anything wrong again. Riya tries to corrupt his mind against Ali. She tells him that Ali loves Avni and he has done everything to get his love. She tells him that Ali wants to break their relation. Neil tells Riya that he knows the entire truth, how she has used Ali in her plan. Avni meets her old friends to know about the blast incident. Avni gets close to know about Gurumaa’s human trafficking racket, which she runs away from the city. Gurumaa scares Meher to keep her illegal activities a secret.


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