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Woh Apna Sa: Aditya and Jhanvi get Samar home, after he helps Jhanvi and kids. Kakasa and Kakisa start bonding with Samar. Samar finds their fights cute. Kakisa asks him what’s his thought on marriage. Samar tells them that he is finding a girl and is working on his future. He asks Kakisa to select a girl for him, and he will just go with her choice. Kakisa promises to get a nice girl for him. Samar wants to marry someone and have a romantic life. Samar turns much helpful for Aditya and Jhanvi. Aditya thanks Samar for saving his daughters from the bikers goons. Nisha tells Aditya that they have to think for kids’ safety.

Kundali Bhagya:

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Preeta is happy for Rishabh’s alliance. She feels Rishabh deserves much happiness. She treats Rishabh as a good friend. She bonds with Rishabh’s family. Rishabh stays disturbed, being unable to express himself. Sherlyn is tensed thinking of Rishabh and Preeta’s blooming relationship. Rishabh loses confidence to speak to Preeta about his feelings. He gains courage and reaches her. Rishabh gets a shock seeing Preeta hugging someone. He gets to see Deepak proposing Preeta. Preeta doesn’t reject Deepak’s proposal and takes some time, which upsets Rishabh.


Chandar cheaply eyes Simran and tries getting close to her. Simran has lost her mental balance and doesn’t remember her past equation with Chandar. Chandar plays a game with Simran, with an aim. He conspires to get both Simran and Mannu. Mannu comes in nick of time and saves Simran from him. Chandar flirts with Mannu, which angers her a lot. Mannu, Raj and Rohan make a team to tackle Chandar and expose his truth within two days given by the panchayat.


Piyaa Albela:

Rahul and Neelima blackmail Pooja about Harish. Neelima tells Pooja that Harish can get paralyzed forever. She asks Pooja to give the money to them, else lose Harish. She says just you can get a life for Harish now. Neelima kidnaps Pooja and asks her to sign on the papers. Pooja is sure that Naren will come to rescue her. Rahul and Neelima threaten to kill Pooja. They build up pressure on Pooja and answer all the smart moves Pooja played till now. Naren comes to save Pooja’s life.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:

Dipika has left her inlaws. Dipika has supported Meghna and Rahul. Dipika and Sarika shop for sarees in the market. Sarika asks Dipika to buy a saree for herself and shows her fav. color saree. Dipika thinks of Piyush and misses him. Dipika sounds sad. She wishes if she could see Piyush once. She just talks of Piyush. Sarika gets sad for Dipika. She advises Dipika to talk to Piyush.





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