Aditya fails to injure Naira in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Kabeer disgusting act YRKKH

The families participate in Dahi handi competition. Manish and Naitik do not want to move back even if Kartik doesn’t support them. Aditya plans to ruin their happiness. Naksh finds the competition tough. The teams get five mins time to break the handi. Everyone gets tensed thinking their winning chances got more less. Nevertheless they have hope to strive hard and win. Kartik comes and joins the game, to support both families. Naira prays her family wins and none gets hurt in the process. Aditya conspires to hurt Kartik and Naira. Kartik asks everyone not to compromise with safety, which is most important. Aditya joins the human pyramid. Manish and Kartik bond in the process.

Aditya makes Kartik and Naksh fall down again and again. Naira worries that they will lose. Manish falls down and gets much hurt. Manish asks Kartik to break the Matki and win, there is less time left. Naira takes Kartik’s place and climbs the pyramid to break the Matki and pray for Kirti’s future. Naira breaks all records and breaks the Matki, even when Aditya tries hard to make Naira fall down. Everyone applaud Naira. Aditya gets hurt. Kirti senses Aditya’s presence. Naira’s win gets disqualified as she is a girl. But, everyone supports Naira as she has made everyone proud. Naira then gets the trophy and blessings of Lord. Kartik cares for Manish. Naira gets to see Aditya in the event. Naira and Kirti turn upset seeing Aditya.


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