Advay to abandon Chandni in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3


Advay throws a reception party for Chandni. Nani tells Chandni about Advay’s surprise. Nani doesn’t know Advay has planned to humiliate Chandni. Advay asks Chandni to wait till his special guests come. He welcomes Chandni’s family in the party. Chandni breaks down seeing her family. Chandni tells her sisters that she is ready to stay with Advay just for Indrani, she can’t ruin her name in the society. Chandni becomes helpless to bear Advay’s tortures. Advay takes Chandni for revealing his special gift to everyone. Chandni gets a big shock seeing Meghna’s baby.

She begs to Advay to stop revealing the truth. Advay announces to everyone that Chandni is the mother of this baby. He asks Chandni will she not identify her baby in front of everyone. He tells everyone that Chandni is characterless, and he can’t spend the rest of his life with her. He reveals how Chandni has run away with someone, but he was a fool to fall for her innocence. She tells them that Chandni has left her baby in an orphanage, and hidden her sin. Chandni’s family knows Chandni is innocent.

Advay humiliates Chandni and her family. He tells Chandni that the marriage is now over, she was just a one night bride. He asks Indrani to vacate the house, as he has sold it to someone now. He snatches their respect, name and roof all at once. Indrani doesn’t believe Chandni and slaps her. She ends her ties with Chandni, for snatching their respect. Indrani hates Chandni even more. Advay packs his stuff to leave for London along with his Nani. Nani gets upset with him, hearing what all rubbish he told about Chandni. She asks him not to leave Chandni, its injustice. Advay asks her what Chandni did by lying and getting his parents killed by angry crowd. He wants Vashisht family to lose everything and cry. He fulfills his revenge. Nani decides to return the house to Chandni to compensate for Advay’s misdeed.


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