Ishqbaaz: A Shocker for Shivay


Shivay tries being smart for a while and turns to SSO to get the truth out of Anika and his brothers. Shivay cleverly uses part of the truth to know the entire truth from Anika. He then joins the truth bits to get a clear picture of the matter. Shivay learns Anika has hidden about his identity, his background and family. He then chases Omkara and Rudra with the bits of truth told by Anika. He gets another info that Pinky is the mastermind behind this conspiracy, she is the one who has separated Shivika. Shivay doesn’t understand how things have occurred. He plays a trick and names the property to Anika so that Pinky speaks up.

Pinky eventually shows her true face and tells Shivay that there is nothing he is thinking, he is not an illegitimate child of Oberoi family, like she lied to Anika to take advantage of Anika’s love and make her away from Shivay. Pinky’s lie comes out in front of everyone, with a big shock to their senses. Shivay couldn’t believe Pinky has lied such a thing to make Anika away from him, without caring for his happiness, future and peace. Pinky has put Shivay’s life at stake by raising a false question on his birth and identity. He gets shattered knowing how low can his mum fall down getting blind in her hatred for Anika. Pinky spits poison against Anika which Shivay couldn’t tolerate. Anika’s love seems more true to him than Pinky’s selfish egoistic motherly love. Shivay can’t judge if Pinky lied to Anika few months back or is she lying to him now. He thinks if its true that Kamini and Mahi are his family. Shivay ends ties with Pinky, and decides to move out with Anika. Shivay wants to find answers himself.


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