Naamkarann: Neil to meet his past


Avni helps Juhi after meeting her in a market. She gets friendly after knowing tormenting stories of Juhi’s past. Avni invites Juhi in her home’s Ganesh puja. Juhi shows her interest in attending the puja and gets approval from Raghu Pandit, who is actually Gurumaa. Neil threatens Riya and asks her to stay away from Avni’s life. Riya knows Neil can’t do anything and takes him light. Riya and Shweta meet and make a new plan against Avni. Shweta tells Riya that this time she has found a perfect solution to get rid of Avni. She tells Riya that she will dig up Neil’s past and make him slip back in the memories of Juhi, only to make him away from Avni. She tells her plan of getting Juhi back into Neil’s life. Shweta doesn’t know about Juhi’s return.

Avni gets Juhi home and makes her part of the puja. Juhi prays along with Avni. Neil finishes his work and comes to attend the puja at his home only for Avni’s sake. Bebe and Prakash get glad on seeing Neil home. Shweta gets a shock seeing Neil behaving normal and happy on Ganesh Chaturthi occasion, which reminds him of Juhi’s death. Neil moves on over every sorrow of his past, just because of Avni’s love. Avni and Neil celebrate Ganesh utsav together, while Juhi gets around close. Avni then introduces Juhi to Neil, which comes as a shocker for the latter. What will be Neil’s reaction over seeing his past in front of him? Keep reading.


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