Nisha plans to fix Jhanvi-Samar’s relation in Woh Apna Sa


Nisha acts good towards Samar. Samar helps out Nisha in work. Nisha likes his sense of humor. She realizes his liking for Jhanvi. She makes him notice Jhanvi more. She tells him about Jhanvi living a tough life after her husband’s death. She makes Samar feel that Jhanvi needs some life partner. Aditya is glad that Jhanvi stayed back. He tells Jhanvi that Nisha is behaving strange. Jhanvi also feels Nisha has something in her mind, as she didn’t react when she came back home. Aditya feels Nisha is doing memory loss drama, but has no proof. He thinks Nisha is up to something. Jhanvi is confused about Nisha’s plans.

Nisha helps Jhanvi and asks her to take Aditya along for kids’ admission in new school. She apologizes to Jhanvi for making her leave the house. She asks Jhanvi to stay with them. She sends Samar to Jhanvi, to make her away from Aditya. Samar tries to cheer up Jhanvi, thinking she is living a depressed life. He asks her to forget sorrows and pain, and smile from heart to fill happiness in live. Jhanvi tells Samar that she can foresee her happiness, and is very sure that happiness will always stay in her life. Nisha is confident that Jhanvi will get away from Aditya’s life. Nisha holds the string of Jhanvi’s life to control every moment of her happiness. Nisha plans to bring Jhanvi and Samar together. Will Nisha succeed? Keep reading.


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