Rishton Ka Chakravyuh: Anami goes on hunger strike


Anami gets adamant to oppose Satrupa in whatever thing comes her way. Daamo gets the food for Anami, which she refuses to have. Satrupa meets Anami and insists her to have food. Anami refuses to Satrupa and tells her that its better she dies than having food from her hands. She doesn’t want to accept water by Satrupa’s hand. She shows her bitterness to Satrupa, who isn’t affected by anything.

Meanwhile, Pujan learns about Adhiraj coming home to investigate about Vatsalya’s death. Pujan makes a swift exit without coming in Adhiraj’s sight. Adhiraj gets informed that Pujan has escaped from the house. Adhiraj’s suspicion on Pujan gets high. Pujan worries for the goon who threatens to reveal the murder truth to police. Pujan tries meeting the goon and feed him money to hide the secret. Satrupa asks Anami to bear hunger if she can, as hunger breaks down anybody, even strong willed people. Anami takes the challenge and ties up a dupatta to her aching hunger stricken stomach. Anami stays stubborn and doesn’t eat anything. Satrupa worries for Anami’s health, which starts deteriorating. Anami collapses by hunger, making Satrupa panic. How will Satrupa deal with Anami? Keep reading.


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