Sarla to secure Shrishti in Kundali Bhagya


Preeta and Shrishti are worried by the financial problems. Preeta learns Rishabh is depressed and heartbroken. Preeta deals with all the problems. Kritika asks Preeta to share Rishabh’s worries. Kritika tells her that Rishabh is hiding a storm in his heart. Preeta tells her that Rishabh was fine when she met him in office. She assures Kritika of solving Rishabh’s matter. She thinks to meet Rishabh and know what’s the matter with him, who has hurt his heart. On the other hand, Sanju troubles Sarla. Sarla asks Sanju to leave peacefully if he wants to avoid going jail. Sanju keeps his demand for getting Shrishti. He doesn’t know Shrishti is Sarla’s daughter.

Sanju misbehaves with Preeta and Shrishti. Sarla and her daughters teach a lesson to Sanju. The girls get to hear some true emotional lines by Sarla, who takes a stand to protect her daughter’s respect. Shrishti’s carefree attitude invites troubles for them. Sarla gets the problem under control. Shrishti starts getting inclined towards Sarla. Preeta then meets Rishabh, unaware of his real problem. Will Preeta find out Rishabh’s feelings for her? Keep reading.


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