Shivay to propose Anika in Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz: Finally Shivay accepts his marital bond

Pinky reveals to Shivay about her lie to Anika, to send her out of Shivay’s life. Pinky gets angered and tells the entire truth of how she has united hand with Kamini and planned all this. She tells Shivay that Mahi is not related to him, he is just a lookalike who was fooled by Kamini to enter Oberoi mansion. She admits it was her planning to get Anika away from Shivay. She justifies everything saying she has done this being Shivay’s mom. Shivay gets stunned seeing her lies, how bad she can turn to make Anika away. Shivay deeply gets hurt. Pinky faces the family’s wrath. Shakti regrets on Pinky’s misdeed. Shivay tells Pinky that relations are not a deal, did she keep a mother’s relation as a deal. Pinky speaks against Anika further. Shivay stops Pinky from spoiling relations further. He tells Pinky that she can’t be his mum now.

He plans a surprise for Anika. He calls her for a meet. Shivay and Anika patch up and sort all the differences. Ragini disturbs them and spoils the romantic moment. Ragini reveals about Anika’s background, that she is an orphan and her family is not known to anyone. Shivay declares that he doesn’t care for Anika’s background. Shivay proposes Anika in front of entire media. Anika accepts his proposal. Ragini sheds tears for Shivay. Vikram asks Ragini to accept the truth that Shivay can’t become hers, Shivay and Anika are made fro each other. Shivay and Anika unite, spreading happiness in the family. They all celebrate with a cake cutting ceremony.


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