Arjun and Saanjh’s romantic date spoils in Beyhadh


Arjun and Saanjh finally got together. They celebrate some moments of peace after they got rid of Maya’s evil. Arjun is trying to assure Saanjh of his true love. Arjun is showering his love on Saanjh. Arjun takes Saanjh on a romantic date to the place where they first met. Saanjh gets much happy when Arjun confesses love to her and proposes her. Saanjh likes Arjun’s surprise. He gets much excited. Arjun plans a series of surprises for Saanjh and asks her not to cheat to spoil the fun. They spend some good time together.

They have realized they can’t live without each other. Saanjh argues over the bouquet which Arjun bought for a higher price. She teaches him bargaining and asks him to be careful next time. She finds the flowers less in the bouquet. Arjun asks her to leave all this and focus on his feelings and intentions. He orders the food. Saanjh talks to the waiter, whom she knows well. Arjun asks Saanjh to pay attention to him. Arjun drops tea on his shirt. Saanjh and Arjun have a cute moment. Arjun gets jailer’s call about Maya and leaves Saanjh alone, upsetting her. Saanjh feels Maya is still between them.


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