Imli’s madness to further torment Vivaan in Udaan


Imli strikes a deal with Bhaiya ji, after knowing he has killed Chakor and made her out of their lives. Imli doesn’t shed a tear for Chakor and instead gets happy over Chakor’s death. Bhaiya ji thinks Imli will inform Suraj and Vivaan about his crime and aims to kill her. Imli stops him from shooting her and tells him the reason of hatred and revenge towards Chakor. She reveals that she is not pregnant and lost the baby long time back, and this truth was told to Vivaan by Chakor. She tells Bhaiya ji that she was also conspiring to corner and kill Chakor. She thanks him for saving her from committing such a crime. Bhaiya ji lets Imli go knowing her plan to deceive Suraj by lies. Imli thinks to lie to Suraj that Chakor has left him.

Imli meets Suraj and tells him that Chakor has run away as she didn’t wish to get caged in haveli by marrying him. Suraj falls in disbelief. He sheds tears and asks how can Chakor do this with him. Imli thinks Suraj will never forgive that fraud Chakor and will believe that Chakor has really gone away. Suraj tries to find Chakor. Imli goes to Kasturi’s house and burns Chakor’s clothes, to end her every sign. Suraj meets Kasturi and Bhuvan and feels he needs courage to tell them that Chakor has left him and the village. Suraj instead lies to them that Chakor has for some work and she will come back soon. Suraj stays hopeful of Chakor’s return. Imli goes to haveli to check on Vivaan. She finds Vivaan unconscious and worries for him. She turns mad and comes with a fake story of an accident to seek help from Suraj. Imli fakes the accident and calls up Suraj. While Suraj rushes to help Imli and Vivaan, the villagers find Chakor’s body in the river and take her to the hospital. Imli tactfully brings her miscarriage in front of everyone. Everyone gets a shock knowing Imli has lost her child once again.


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