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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3:
Chandni who dearly loves Indrani, feels guilty for defaming family. She cries seeing hatred in Indrani’s eyes for her. Chandni’s pain gets too high to handle. Meghna realizes its her child and Chandni has taken care of him. Chandni tells Meghna that she has done this for her. Mama ji tells Chandni’s sisters the entire truth how Chandni has saved the family’s respect always. He asks Meghna can she go and tell Indrani that its her child. Mama ji feels sad that Chandni has ruined her life for the family. He tells them that Chandni has married Advay only to hide this truth, she is tolerating such bad taunts for them. The sisters get worried for Chandni. Chandni packs her bags and gets prepared to leave from the house.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Nikhil gets injured in the lift accident. Ruhi gets too worried for Nikhil. She feels guilty for calling Nikhil to the party. Raman gets to meet his lecturer, who turns out to be Riya’s grandfather. He gets relieved on seeing Riya fine. Ishita and Raman calm him down. Riya tells her Nanu about her new friends, who are really good. Ruhi apologizes to Nikhil. Nikhil stays brave and asks her not to take any tension. Aaliya also gets worried for Nikhil. Ruhi assures her that Nikhil is fine. Ruhi packs tiffin for Nikhil. Aaliya tells Ruhi about Nikhil’s choice. Ruhi misses to meet Nikhil.


Neela encourages Neil to move on from the bitter past and accept Avni, who is his present. Neil doesn’t come across Juhi. Neil comes for the aarti, which shocks his family. Neil and Avni go the puja. Avni tries to introduce Juhi to Neil, but he misses to see her. Bebe yells on Shweta for ruining Neil and Avni’s love. She asks Shweta not to come in between their relation. She asks Shweta to understand the meaning of love first. Shweta is stubborn to break Neil and Avni’s marriage. Neela learns about Neil and Juhi’s past. Avni apologizes to Neil for upsetting him with her surprise. Neil cheers her up and tells her that they are moving back to his family. Avni thankfully hugs him.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Everyone gets to know that Aditya has come in Dahi handi function and met Kirti. Kartik and Manish get worried that Aditya might have hurt Kirti. They get angry and try to call police. Kirti tells them that Aditya has just apologized to her. Akhilesh asks them to calm down and not take any action till Aditya does any mistake. Dadi feels Naira did wrong by telling about Aditya in front of Naksh and family. Naira assures Dadi that she will take care of Kirti. Dadi asks Naira to take care of alliance, she shouldn’t tell about Kirti’s past in front of Naksh. She does not want Singhanias to get annoyed with Kirti’s past. Naira tells Dadi that her family is much sensible.


Shivay plans a grand wedding with Anika. Everyone in the family is happy for them. Dadi asks Shivay to stay away from Anika if he has to marry Anika again. Shivay finds her joking and tells them that Anika is still his wife, all this is not needed. Dadi wants to trouble them, like they lost their peace of mind because of Shivika’s tadi games. Shivay tries to distant Anika from Pinky. Shakti asks Pinky to better realize her mistake, else she will be left out alone. Shivay is glad after getting his love back. He feels he is madly in love with Anika.


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