Neela to confront Shweta’s wicked planning in Naamkarann


Neela encourages Neil to move on from the bitter past and accept Avni, who is his present. Neil doesn’t come across Juhi. Neil comes for the aarti, which shocks his family. Neil and Avni go the puja. Avni tries to introduce Juhi to Neil, but he misses to see her. Bebe yells on Shweta for ruining Neil and Avni’s love. She asks Shweta not to come in between their relation. She asks Shweta to understand the meaning of love first. Shweta is stubborn to break Neil and Avni’s marriage. Neela learns about Neil and Juhi’s past. Avni apologizes to Neil for upsetting him with her surprise. Neil cheers her up and tells her that they are moving back to his family. Avni thankfully hugs him.

Avni gets Neil home, and surprises everyone. Shweta and Prakash get happy seeing Neil back. Prakash asks Neela to stay with them if she is concerned for Avni. Bebe promises Neela that they will always love Avni. Bebe welcomes Avni happily, while Shweta fakes emotions in front of Neil. Dayavanti gets informed by Aman that Avni got her place back in her in-laws. Dayavanti wants to kill Avni forever. Neela confronts Shweta over her hatred for Avni. Shweta’s planning doesn’t work against Avni. Neela warns her against doing anything again. Neela gets happy that Neil and Avni are back. Neela tells Shweta that she understands Neil better than her. Shweta doesn’t leave her wicked intentions. She plants Juhi’s picture in front of Avni. Avni doesn’t get to see it. Bebe tries to control Shweta’s madness.


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