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Meri Durga: Durga and her entire family get a makeover. Its Bantu’s Roka rasam. Choudhary family gets their new looks as per the theme. Durga calls his parents. Yashpal looks a gentleman in a suit. Annapurna gets shy to come out. Durga asks Annapurna not to feel uncomfortable. She asks her not to think anything about others. Dadi also doesn’t feel good wearing a long gown. She finds tough to walk. Durga helps Dadi. Dadi asks why did they choose black color clothes on a happy occasion. Yashpal compliments Dadi that she looks like a film heroine.

Harman cares for Soumya. Soumya asks Harman not to care for her, it doesn’t matter even if she dies. She falls asleep. Harman makes her rest comfortably. Soumya’s annoyance upsets him. She asks him not to make anything fine. He tells her that she is his responsibility. Soumya dismisses his thinking. She remarks that Harman can’t be responsible for anyone. She doesn’t want Harman to bear any more troubles and distances herself. Soumya acts rude to her.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji:

Meenakshi doesn’t know about Golu and Rani marrying without her consent. Meenakshi wants Rani to get justice from her mum in law and protests against her in laws in front of the public. Meenakshi gives a long speech. She says such mentality should end, woman shouldn’t be enemy of another woman, marriage is not a joke that can be called off like this. Rani gets worried hearing Meenakshi, who supports her being unaware that Rani is her bahu. Rathi family learns Rani’s Saas is getting Rani’s husband married to someone else. Meenakshi tells Rani that she won’t let Rani bear injustice, her husband won’t marry anyone.

Arjun and Saanjh make Maya jealous. They hold hands and show their unity. They tell Maya that they are soon going to get married. Arjun hands over the wedding invitation card to Maya. Maya has never thought that Arjun will decide to marry Saanjh. She tells Saanjh that she can never take her place in Arjun’s life, Arjun is just hers. Saanjh got Arjun’s love. Maya threatens Saanjh that if she marries Arjun, she should be ready to burn Arjun’s funeral. Maya can go to any extent to stop the marriage. Will Saanjh back out from marriage for the sake of Arjun’s life?

Woh Apna Sa:
Nisha started planning to create new problems for Jhanvi. Nisha fears Aditya will know her memory loss drama after meeting the doctor. Aditya wakes up at night and doesn’t find Nisha in the room. He looks for her. Nisha drinks wine and curses Jhanvi. She verbally makes evil plans. Aditya sees Nisha drinking and gets doubtful about her. Aditya fixes a meet with Nisha’s doctor and tries discussing Nisha’s behavior. Jhanvi will be saving Aditya from Nisha’s attacks.


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