Dayavanti plans to kidnap Avni in Naamkarann


Dayavanti makes a plan to kidnap Avni. Riya and Aman make everyone eat the drugged sweets. Ali is also present in Ganpati utsav and doesn’t know Riya’s plans. Riya makes excuses and tells Ali that Shweta invited her here. Everyone in Neil’s house eats the sweets and fall unconscious. Aman asks the kidnapper to take Avni to Dayavanti. Ali comes there in time and asks Riya what is she doing, how is everyone unconscious. Riya asks him who is he to ask them. She denies to know everything. Ali gets worried seeing them and takes care of Bebe.

Riya signs Aman to take Avni. Riya goes to check Avni’s state. Riya falls in trouble. Neil and DD come home and get to see Neil’s family unconscious. Neil checks Shweta and Prakash. Ali tells him about everyone. Neil understands that someone is trying to kidnap Avni. Dayavanti’s plan fails as the kidnapper gets Riya in the sack, instead Avni. Dayavanti and Gurumaa scold the kidnapper for his big mistake. Neil safeguards Avni and wants to know who is behind such crimes.


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