Durga refuses to Sanjay’s proposal in Meri Durga


Sanjay wants to make Durga confess her feelings. He realizes she loves him, and she is herself not aware of it. Sanjay meets her in Bantu’s Roka rasam. He confesses his love and asks her to accept that she also loves him. Durga refuses to him, as she just considers him as a friend. Sanjay gets angry and hurts himself. He asks Durga to try to understand his feelings. He tells her that he has seen her restless to meet him, why did she behave such, why is he special for him.

Durga wants to focus on her training and win the national championship to clean her family’s name. He tells her that she has come after him, leaving all her work, why does she get hurt when he gets hurt. Durga stops him from hurting himself. He requests her to complete her words. Durga gets reluctant to confess love. Sanjay asks Durga to take her time, she can do what he feels right, he will not tell anything to her now, he will just wait when she tells him about her feelings. He asks her to make a choice if she doesn’t believe in love. Durga also loves Sanjay, and is scared to tell him.


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