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    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Riya’s Nanu tells Raman and Ishita about his daughter marrying her love against his will. She left the house and family even when she knew her lover was a poor guy. He tells them that his son in law wanted to abort the girl child, he felt my daughter and the would be child. He decided to keep that man away from his daughter. Everyone feels sympathetic with Riya. Raman and Ishita find his decision right to keep Riya away from his dad. Raman plans a dinner with Ishita. Ruhi hides her secret from Simmi. Ishita tries to know Ruhi’s feelings. Ruhi shares her secret with Ishita. She tells Ishita about her love for Nikhil. She is happy in her life and is sure about Nikhil. She asks Ishita to give her some time to know Nikhil better.

    IPKKND 3:

    Advay is unhappy with Chandni. Nani tells him that she doesn’t wish bad for him. She asks him to promise that he won’t make Chandni leave the house. Advay promises Nani. Chandni bonds with Adi and they turn friends. Pooja also likes Chandni and apologizes from Advay’s side. Pooja also has a sorrow by her marriage. She relates to Chandni’s sorrow. She feels bad for Chandni bearing the insult and hatred by Advay. Chandni misses her family. She calls up Indrani to apologize. Indrani gets her house back by Advay’s Nani. She doesn’t forgive Chandni.


    The families decide the theme for sangeet. Naira sees Kirti in tension and decide to take the arrangements duties in her hands. Dadi asks Kirti to go to Singhanias and fulfill the tasks. Kirti asks Naira to help her in deciding things. Naira goes against Dadi’s wish and promises Kirti that she will manage everything. While this relieves everyone, Dadi turns upset with Naira. Kartik gets into a fight with a powerful man’s son. The guy threatens Kartik and gets enmity. He gets to hear about Kirti’s sangeet and thinks to ruin the function. Kartik asks Kirti and Naira not to fear for anything, he knows to handle such people.


    Avni tries to find about Juhi/Meher. She gets her sketch made to seek police help in finding her. Neil shares his past with Avni. He tells her about his love for Juhi. Dayavanti suggests Gurumaa to get Avni involved in her business, so that Avni breaks down. Dayavanti asks Gurumaa to seek her help if she wants. DD gets informed about Gurumaa escaping from jail. DD gets the team ready to catch her. Neil tells Avni how he lost Juhi and he couldn’t do anything. He says Juhi was like Avni, very much fearless.


    Rudra and Anika don’t know preparing the dish Shivay told them to. Rudra checks for online recipes. He tells her that the recipe is in French and he knows little bit of it. He makes an error while guiding her the steps. Bhavya and Shivay make Anika’s favorite dish. She finds the dish tough. Shivay feels nothing is impossible for him, but is sure he will make it well. Bhavya and Rudra try hard to help Shivika. Anika asks Rudra to taste the dish and tell her. Rudra doesn’t want to try the dish. Bhavya is worried when Shivay fails to make the dish. Khanna informs Anika that Shivay made the dish perfectly. Khanna finds Anika’s dish ready and spies on them to inform Shivay.


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