Maya to turn extreme again in Beyhadh

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After much problems, Arjun and Saanjh’s marriage track will be seen. Arjun takes her on a romantic date. Saanjh nods to marry him. Saanjh accepts Arjun’s marriage proposal. Happiness finally comes in their lives. Saanjh’s family starts doing preparations for the marriage. On the other hand, Maya plans to escape from the jail. She is very restless thinking of Arjun and Saanjh’s marriage. She plays with a knife and shows her madness to other prisoners. Maya vents out her frustration. Arjun wants to meet Saanjh. Arjun comes to Saanjh’s home. Suman asks Arjun to not meet Saanjh till marriage happens, as its a tradition, groom and bride shouldn’t meet.

Ayaan says its a punishment for Arjun, he will not be quiet, he will surely meet Saanjh. Arjun hides and tries reaching Saanjh. Suman catches him and asks him to leave, she knows all his excuses. Arjun tries to convince her. Suman doesn’t want to underestimate Maya. She is afraid to take any chance. She doesn’t want any bad happening in Saanjh’s marriage. She asks Arjun to do marriage by all functions and obeying all traditions to avoid any bad omen. Arjun has a good bond with Suman. He doesn’t want Suman to have any worries. He tells her that he will listen to her and follow all customs to end all doubts and fears arising in her mind. What is Maya up to this time? Keep reading.






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