Aditya escapes the fatal accident in Woh Apna Sa


Nisha and Kakasa plan the doctor’s accident. Nisha informs Kakasa to stop the planned accident from happening, as Aditya is also with the doctor. Nisha and Jhanvi pray for Aditya’s welfare. Kakasa tries to stop his man from doing the accident. Nisha fears for Aditya’s life. Kakasa tells her that that man will complete the work at any cost, he will not move back. Nisha requests him to try and stop the accident. Kakasa gets in tension. Aditya and Nisha learn about the accident. The family reaches the hospital after knowing about Aditya’s accident. They get a shock when doctor tells about the person’s death.

They cry for Aditya. Nisha worries for her blunder. The family gets relieved when they see Aditya fine. Aditya understands that someone has planned the accident for him. Jhanvi makes a plan to make Nisha turn overconfident and commit a mistake. She tells Aditya that they have to catch Nisha red handed this time, till then they should not stop Nisha, they have to understand her mind. Aditya tells her that they have to stop Nisha from executing such evil plans again. They get more doubtful about Nisha. Jhanvi is sure Nisha will do some mistake that will be proved costly for her.


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