Dadi upsets the Singhanias in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Police informs Goenkas to switch off music in their Sangeet as a peace rally is passing by this route. Naira realizes this happened because of those guys, with whom Kartik has fought. She thinks of finding some other way. Dadi forbids Naira from wearing anything much better than Kirti. Kartik gifts a gown and jewelry to Naira for Sangeet. Naira doesn’t wear that and gets a simple look to please Dadi.

The family celebrates Sangeet according to the twins theme. Naksh and Kirti compliment each other. They make a lovely pair. Dadi gets glad seeing Naira, who has kept her words. Kartik gets upset on seeing Naira in another dress. Naira lies to him. Manish gets excited to perform with Kartik in Sangeet. Naira feels hurt to let down Kartik. Dadi is happy that Naira didn’t oppose her. Singhanias women hear Dadi and feel bad that Dadi has forbidden Naira from wearing a good dress and jewelry. They ask Dadi why did she do this partiality with Naira. They all explain Dadi to encourage unity between children, not any differentiation. Everyone turns upset with Dadi.

Bhabhimaa teaches a lesson to Dadi. Naira hides the matter from Kartik. He understands there is some reason that she has lied to him. Kartik cheers her up. Suwarna thanks everyone for managing such a big thing with a good heart. She finds Kirti lucky to get such inlaws. Surekha fills Dadi’s ears against Naira again. Naira is asked to dress up well and come. Kartik waits for Naira. Naira comes in the dress gifted by Kartik, and looks stunning. Kartik and everyone compliment her. What will Dadi do now? Keep reading.


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