Nimki Mukhiya gets impressed by Babbu Singh

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Nimki is very worried. Her brother gets injured. She does not have money to get her brother treated at the hospital. She takes help from Babbu. Babbu lends her some money. She takes money from him and tells him that she will return money to him. He asks her to keep money, he doesn’t take back money once he gives to someone. She says I m bit different from you, I don’t keep anyone’s favor. Later on, Nimki runs after his jeep. She stops him and asks him to take the money back. She irritates him a lot. He asks his brother to take money from Nimki. She is impressed by Babbu. She thanks him for help.

Babbu leaves from there trying to avoid her. Nimki finds him the hero of her dreams. She likes his attitude and tells he is very handsome. Babbu doesn’t like Nimki as she is from a low class. He doesn’t even get in contact with her. He asks servant to deal with Nimki. Will Nimki also turn special for Babbu Singh? Keep reading.

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