Parth turns bitter towards Teni in Dil Se Dil Tak


Teni gets afraid when she gets locked in a room. She knocks the door and shouts for help. None is around to help her. Teni falls short of breath and faints. Teni gets this horrible dream. She finds it as a warning sign. Parth gets food for her. Teni scolds him for coming late. She says you don’t care for me, I called you many times, I have heard you won’t take me out to have icecream. He asks her to have food for baby’s sake. She keeps a condition and asks him to feed food to her. She tells him that she finds it strange when he doesn’t talk to her. He agrees to her just for baby’s sake.

Parth loves Shorvori a lot. He gets busy in taking care of Teni. He feeds the food to Teni. He stays silent. She asks him what’s bothering him. Parth’s attitude troubles her. Parth acts rude to her. He tells her that she got much love from his family, and she has forgotten that she is just a surrogate hired by him and Shorvori. He asks her to deliver the baby, handover the baby, take money and leave forever, she won’t keep any relation with them and the baby. She asks him why is he saying so. Parth angrily asks her if their relation has any name, its nameless relation, its just a deal, don’t try to find love in it. She asks him to answer why is he hurt and talking so bitter. He asks her what will she do if he shares things with her. He weeps and knows his words have hurt Teni a lot.


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