Pihu fails to meet Anandita in Bhootu


Suchi starts on fulfilling her task to get Pihu to her mumma. She finds out about Pihu’s mum. She gets Pihu to some villa. Suchi is hopeful that Pihu can meet her mum. They fail to meet Anandita. Suchi gets glad that Pihu has gone away from her finally. She wants to stay in peace, and without Pihu’s company. She tells her family that there is no ghost in their house now. Her parents are happy and pray Suchi’s marriage happens well.

Pihu returns to Suchi and asks her to send her mum to Anandita any way. Suchi misguides her to get rid of her. Suchi asks Pihu to go along the parcel which will be reaching her mum. Pihu stops on the way on seeing her favorite sweets. She misses to go with the parcel van. Pihu lands back at home to seek help from Suchi. Will Suchi help Pihu? Keep reading.


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